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The field of dentistry is rapidly evolving. It has always been our philosophy to incorporate the latest dental techniques into our practice. In the following pages, let us show you the results of some of the clinical procedures which we do every day. Whether you are coming in for a smile makeover, LASER gum recontouring, 1-visit CEREC porcelain dental restoration, 1-hour tooth whitening, Six Month Smiles, INVISALIGN or dental implants, our objective remains the same - to help you create that winning smile!

If you like to consult us concerning your dental needs, please contact our office at 858/587-2828 or schedule an appointment online. Dr. Wong has been a "San Diego Dentist" since 1988. We provide cutting-edge quality dental care; no frills, gimmicks or specials to attract you into our door! We are open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and every other Saturday.

On time guarantee: We all know that time is a precious commodity, if Dr. Wong does not see you within 10 minutes of your scheduled time, you will receive a $20 Starbucks gift card plus a personal apology from him. That's a promise!

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Latest Technologies

San Diego Cerec One Visit Dentistry CEREC AC technology -- Porcelain crowns designed and milled right before your eyes!

HDTV in San Diego dental office Watch the news or look at your mouth in a whole new way - on our 42" HDTV.

San Diego Caries I.D. Detection Caries-I.D. TM detector is a painless, easy way to detect cavities that may otherwise be overlooked by the naked eye.

San Diego NTI Migraine Treatment NTI appliance: A new way to treat migraine headaches with a small customized mouthpiece (approved by FDA).

San Diego Digital X-rays Digital X-rays: less radiation exposure, enhanced patient awareness, time saving and environmental friendly.

Teeth Whitening in San Diego Teeth Whitening in one hour using the most advanced tooth bleaching FDA approved products.

San Diego Invisalign Invisalign TM is the discreet alternative to metal braces, providing alignment with a clear fitting that is removable and unnoticeable to others.

Zoom Teeth Whitening in San Diego! ZOOM! Teeth Whitening is a revolutionary bleaching procedure (in 1+ hour, no trays or gel to take home).

San Diego Dental Implants Dental implants have grown to be an effective and reliable means of replacing missing teeth and securing bridges and dentures.


San Diego CitiCards Dental Payment
San Diego CareCredit Card Dental Payment

Take advantage of a "No Interest Payment Plan" and get the smile you always wanted TODAY!


For a shining smile and the most advanced services available in the southern CA, area, contact Dr. Ernest C. Wong, DDS, MS, a premier San Diego dentist. As an expert on the latest advances and the most effective procedures in the industry, Dr. Wong is able to guide his patients through a technologically enhanced process of cosmetic dentistry.

San Diego residents and visitors of the surrounding areas will experience refreshing dental care that begins with a smile evaluation appointment from a prestigious California La Jolla dentist, and concludes with a remarkable smile created in comfort.

As a preferred San Diego cosmetic dentist, Dr. Wong has serviced CA residents since 1988 and regularly advances his practice by incorporating the latest technology. From a smile makeover that includes whiter teeth in one hour to dental implants and CEREC crowns, the you'll soon see the best of the best is located in San Diego.

Teeth bleaching, invisible braces, and CEREC crowns are just a few of the cosmetic services available from Dr. Wong and his professional staff in San Diego. Porcelain crowns applied within one appointment are also attainable from the qualified team representing Smile-DDS.com. For more information about how to rejuvenate your smile, browse through our informational Smile Makeover and Cosmetic Dentistry Services.





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